Natural Talk

natural talk

Cognitive Matching for

Customer & Agents

Artificial Intelligence makes Customer Relationship a Natural Conversation with Behavioral and Contextual Matching for Customers & Agents.


Natural Talk, the humanization of the customer relationship: my known and recognized customer in an omnichannel continuous journey. A free and natural conversation.


Natural Talk is a pure Cloud solution, based on last generation Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning), running on IBM BluemixTM Cloud infrastructure and API services.


Natural Talk provides a range of applications and connectors to be integrated in all type of software architecture for Customer Service, Contact Center and CRM applications.


Your Data with Machine-Learning algorithms:

get the best predictions for connecting your customers.


The best resource for the best answer.


Up to 25% increase of First Call Resolution

Your customers flawlessly, through the best channel, at the best time.

Engage a natural talk



Up to 20%

decrease of Churn


Up to 10%

increase of Sales

Improving customer interactions management is all about making changes on two fronts: people and technology. On one hand, it means deploying the right people, at the right place, in the right way to maximize value creation for customers. On the other hand, multi-channel contact center solutions are focused on handling the raise of volume and variety of the flows of interactions.

With our solutions, managing interactions is all about knowing each of your customers and connecting them to the right people. What we call a natural talk.

Using latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining


We are in the era of Big Data. We are now at the moment when predicting the behaviour of each individual customer is so critical.

Natural Talk is a data-driven solution, based on last-generation Artificial Intelligence algorithms: Machine-Learning.

Natural Talk algorithms provide predictive design and continuous optimization of Queuing and Routing decisions for customers interactions.

For making omnichannel experience a natural talk


Natural Talk uses full data context (customer data, interactions history, product and service portfolios, external structured and unstructured databases) to define the best strategy to proactively contact customers or answer customer requests, at the best time, through the best channel, with the best Agent.


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