The Team
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The Team

We are a cool startup team of 6 people, working hard for our customers, for creating Artifical Intelligence solutions that help humans, and for making our positive values part of the story.

Marc Pesah
Alexandra Volkoff
Pedro Ferreira
Stéphane Fadda
Romain Nkounkou
Emmanuel Frantz-Mercadal

Marc Pesah / Founder

CEO & Founder

Joined April, 2016

Alexandra Volkoff

eVP Delivery

Joined April, 2016

Pedro Ferreira aka Bluemix Guru

R&D Director

Joined April, 2016


Stéphane Fadda

sVP Global Development

Joined December, 2016

Romain NKounkou

Chief Marketing Officer

Joined December, 2016

Emmanuel Frantz-Mercadal

Chief Happiness Officer

Joined December, 2016

From Coding to Product Marketing, from C to AI and Machine Learning, Marc’s career is all about building and selling Software solutions. 20+ years in Software Industry. 10+ years making Customer Interactions fully part of the best possible Customer Experience, Marc is now making his vision come true with Natural Talk.

Passionate about Customer Relationships and Customer Experience, Alexandra has built a 18 years’ expertise and CRM industry experience, combined with her personal style and strong service minded approach. Alexandra is involved in crafting the company culture and shaping the Natural Talk Experience for our customers.

Over the past ten years, Pedro has developed a large set of technical skills in developing software solutions, mastering all technologies involved in our architecture. Pedro is now building Natural Talk solutions, AI algorithms and R&D structure, with his natural and strong commitment to customer oriented  innovations.

Stéphane brings us 20+ years of Entrepreneurship experience, focusing in Sales, Partnerships and Business Development. With his strong background in selling Data and IA solutions in Banking, Insurance and Telecom industries, Stéphane is our best asset for hacking business growth.



Entrepreneur from an early age, Romain is involved in shaping our products and innovating future growth opportunities. His favorite saying at the moment: "If you do something more than twice every day, find a way to AI it."

Emmanuel has always been enthusiastic about human relations. He's now sharing with us his 20-year experience in HR management and in psychic and physical approach to each individual, in order to promote well-being at work, to strengthen the individual talents, and ultimately to bring meaning to this human adventure.

Our Philosophy

A true commitment to our customers and our values is what is helping Natural Talk growing each and every day, from humble startup beginnings. Our passion for technology that helps people, for happiness and for quality flow through everything that we do.

Since the very beginning of the Natural Talk adventure, I have strived to create this ideal company that I have always dreamed of, serving innovation, serving its customers and committed to the wellness of its members. And I created Natural Talk with the unshakeable conviction that these values ​​will not only be beautiful declarations of intent, or even a certain reality whenever possible, but also a guarantee of operational efficiency. In other words, a company which tends towards an ideal but above all a company which knows how to achieve its goals.


This DNA that governs our creation and growth consists of three values that we want intangible :


  • Creativity


We are above all "coders", designers of algorithms, creators of Artificial Intelligence. Innovation is our reason for experiencing the Natural Talk adventure and we do not intend to succeed except by offering disruptive solutions that will improve the daily lives of our customers and their customers.


  • Humility


Whatever our knowledge, experience, youth or maturity, we cultivate our ability to say "I do not know" and our willingness to always learn from others. This is how we live our ongoing quest for excellence.


  • Altruism


Our time, our energy, our knowledge, we share them without counting, expect nothing but the happiness of seeing our team progress day after day. This is how we meet all the challenges.



Like everything we do at Natural Talk, this is a permanent work of reflection and innovation, and Natural Talk's DNA is a living material. Stay Tuned!


60 avenue Charles de Gaulle

92200 Neuilly sur Seine


+33 (0)1 46 40 38 70


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